Fuel Stations

Gasoline and Diesel are available in some fuel station centers.


Periodic Maintenance

We offers Express Maintenance Services for all types of cars with the Warranty of hand work and spare parts


Genuine Parts

We offers a wide range of spare parts in our Service Centers


Oil & Filters

Changing oil and oil filter using the best types of oils suitable for all types of cars and models.


Transmission Filter

Replacement of Transmission oil, Filters & gaskets


Engine Tune-up

Check / Replace Air Filter, Spark Plug & high tension wires, Fuel Filters, Throttle body cleaning, Fuel Injectors cleaning etc



Check and replace pads, fluid, cables and Discs Skimming.



Free Inspection, replacement



Replace Tires, Wheel Balance Tires rotation and adjust air pressure.


Shock & Strut

Check / Replace Shock absorbers, Struts


Wheel Alignment

Computerized Wheel Alignment


Car Scanner

Inspection Check Engine, Warning lights, diagnose by Tech-ll, replacement of sensors


A/C & Electrical Service

AC Services & gas recharge, gas leakage check and electrical repair.


Other Services

Engine & A/C Belt replacement, Engine Transmission mounting, Oil seals, Suspension front & Rear, Differential & transfer oil replacement